We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our office team.  
With their help we are able to provide quality medical care to our patients.


Position Held:  Allergy Technician and Medical Assistant at large

Chose to work in the medical field because:  "My mom worked as a MA for years. I love to help people."

Caitlyn is funny (Goofy) who brings joy to the office and the patients she helps daily. 

Our employees feel:

 "Our physicians care about our patients and their families".


Position Held:  Front Desk Supervisor. She has been here since 2008!

Chose to work in the medical field because:  "I enjoy getting to know and help patients.

Emily is an outgoing and friendly person, with a loving attitude toward our patients.  


Position Held:  Medical Assistant to Dr. Gabrilovich and Dr. DiNuoscio

Chose to work in the medical field because: "Healthcare has always interested me because there is something new to learn every day. That with the fact I enjoy working with people makes this such a great job."

Charlotte is shy and conservative until she gets to know you. She always tries to give the patients the best care possible.


Position Held:  Medical Assistant to Dr. Sternberg.

Chose to work in the medical field because:  " I love the feeling I get when I know what I am doing is helping someone else."

Christyna is a very "laid back", quiet, and calm person who is willing to help in any way possible.


Position Held:  Billing clerk.

Wanted to work in the PCCSM office because she wanted to do something within the medical field and be in an office setting.

Jaimee is a quiet, diligent family oriented person who will do her best to make sure all of your visits to our office go to your insurance company correctly.  


Position Held:  Medical Assistant to Dr. Onadeko.

Chose to work in the Medical Field because:  "I have always been a nurturing person, helping in anyway I can."   

London is a quiet but fun loving person who has a big heart.  


Position Held: Accounts Receivable Specialist since 2008!

Chose to work in the medical field because:  "I have always been interested in how the body functions."

Debbie is a little on the shy side, but can be a force to reckon with when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, she goes the extra mile.



Position Held:  Back Desk Receptionist

Chose to work in the medical field because: "I wanted to not just make a difference in my life but in other people's lives also."

Mariah is a very polite and shy person who strives to make sure our patients receive everything they need before leaving our office. 


Position Held:  Certified Coder and Biller

Chose to work in the medical field because:  "I saw a medical coding book and saw how everything that happened in the medical field had a code to describe it.  I wanted to learn how to use that book."

Raushanah has a good personality that most of the patients who come in our office will never see but they truly will benefit from her skills.



Position Held:  Practice Administrator since 2007.

Chose to work in the medical field because:  "I want to make a difference in people's lives, not only the patients that come into the office but also the people who work here. 

I consider myself to be a compassionate manager with a positive attitude. I  work alongside our entire staff and physicians to provide exceptional healthcare to all of our patients."