Cardiopulmonary Stress Test:

Fort Hamilton Hospital and Kettering Medical Center are the only hospitals in Kettering Network currently performing Cardio-Pulmonary exercise (metabolic) stress testing (CPET).

The indications for CPET include:

-       Evaluation of exercise tolerance and determination of exercise limiting factors;

-       Evaluation of undiagnosed dyspnea with symptoms disproportionate to resting pulmonary and cardiac tests;

-        Evaluation of patients with cardiovascular diseases including functional evaluation and prognosis in patients with heart failure;

-       Evaluation of patients with respiratory diseases, establishing exercise limitations and assessing other potential contributing factors, especially‚Ä® occult heart disease (ischemia), detection of early (occult) gas exchange abnormalities and determination of magnitude of hypoxemia;

-       Preoperative evaluation, primarily for lung resection and to predict mortality in patients undergoing major surgery;

-       Evaluation of impairment/disability;

-   Evaluation for lung and/or heart transplantation. 

At Fort Hamilton Hospital, the test is performed by the combined effort of the Pulmonary Function Tests and Stress Test departments and can be easily scheduled and supervised/interpreted by the Board-certified pulmonologist.